Super Bowl 52: Winning Big

winning big

I LOVE Sports!

So, when I was younger I played sports in middle school and high school. And even till today I love sports! As you can imagine every year in my house we prep and have a Super Bowl party regardless of who’s playing.

I always find it intriguing to see what the significant attributes are of both teams regardless of who wins the game. There are always lessons to learn in every game. Lessons of sportsmanship, teamwork, endurance, focus, collaboration, humility, faith and celebration.

The questions about this year’s Super Bowl including:

  • Would this be the year that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win their sixth super bowl championship?
  • Or would the underdogs the Philadelphia Eagles, be able to win against the force, the machine that is New England?

In the weeks leading up to this year’s Super Bowl there were a lot of predictions.

There were those who supported New England while they were others rooting for the underdogs from Philadelphia. By now, we all know that the underdogs WON even though everything was stacked against them.

They had rookies on their team and they were coming against a FORCE, the Patriots, who had won 5 Super Bowl championships with legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

There are several keys to the Eagle’s success that we can also apply to daily life in the face of insurmountable challenges.

4 Keys to Winning Big

  1. Even if no one else believes in you but just a few people, forge forward and focused on your goals. The Philadelphia Eagles knew that very few people outside of their fans were believing that they could possibly be able to defeat a legendary team like the Patriots. Yet, their quarterback Nick Foles, remained calm and focused. Throughout the entire game.


  1. Put God first. During the interviews after the Lombardy trophy was presented to the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Pederson Eagles coach, Zach Ertz who scored the winning touchdown as well as Nick Foles Eagles quarterback, all first and foremost give glory to God for their success. Afterwards, they thanked team members and fans.


  1. Stay focused till the end. The Eagles never at any point during the game, lost focus. Even when the game clock was down to the last nine seconds THEY DID NOT celebrate; they stay focused until the game clock reached 00. When you are facing a challenge it’s important to stay focused on your goal till the very end! Do not take your eyes off what you’re reaching for even when it’s almost in your hands, even when you’re almost there still stay focused till the end.


  1. Staying humble. Even when you do achieve the victory you should stay humble and celebrate the collective effort of everyone around you. During the post-game interviews, the players thanked their coaches, their leadership, and their fans. Yet none of them said that it was the sole effort of one individual player. Even though, it is customary to select one MVP for the game the true MVP is the collective effort of the entire team.

Although neither teams were my home team, I still celebrate the accomplishments of these phenomenal athletes that made it to the Super Bowl. So, whatever goals are before you whatever challenges you’re facing incorporate some of these four keys. In doing so, you too will receive your ultimate victory.

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