Dr Jumie

Meet the Therapists

Dr. Jumie

I’m Dr. Jumie, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Psychotherapist. I’m here to support you on your mental health journey. Representation in mental health care is important, so I create a safe and inclusive environment where you can feel seen and heard.

Working with Me

As a Solution-Focused Therapist, I focus on solutions rather than problems. Together, we’ll explore your challenges and find tangible solutions. Come prepared to engage in the process, and trust in our partnership as we work toward healing.

I specialize in therapy for adults aged 25 and above. I address anxiety, stress, depression, grief, self-expression, and relationship health. From our first session, we’ll assess your needs and develop a tailored healing plan.

I am direct yet compassionate. I create space for you to speak, think, and process without judgment. Clients appreciate the nurturing environment where discussing difficult topics leads to healing.

I also provide executive and group coaching services. These services address the unique needs of professionals and teams. My coaching sessions focus on enhancing performance, fostering resilience, and promoting holistic well-being. Whether you’re facing professional challenges, seeking better communication skills, or aiming to improve team cohesion, I am dedicated to empowering you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive.

As part of my commitment to mental health advocacy, I offer speaking engagements on various topics. My presentations cover anxiety, self-care, lifespan development, self-expression, stress management, emotional resilience, and effective communication. I strive to deliver informative and impactful talks that promote mental wellness and empower individuals at corporate events, community gatherings, and educational seminars.

More About - Dr. Jumie

In my professional journey, I’ve worked with federal agencies, non-profits, and for-profit organizations. With a Doctorate in Psychology, a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a Bachelor in Psychology, I bring a wealth of education and training to my practice.

Regardless of your faith background, I provide compassionate, faith-affirming therapy. Your beliefs are respected and valued as we work together toward your mental health goals.

Let’s embark on this journey toward healing together.