Goals, Resolutions or a Vision Board

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Goals, Resolutions or a Vision Board: Succeeding in the New Year

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2024 and the excitement of the new year you may be wrestling with which direction to embark on in the new year.

Whether it’s goals, vision boards or resolutions you may be wondering which is best for you. Unfortunately, these aspirations typically result in unfulfilled goals by February or March. Which can lead to us feeling disappointment in ourself.

We end up giving up on the whole thing. 

But a better strategy is a combination of openness and goal setting.

So the First Key is: Openness

Take a moment now and reflect back on 2023. Did 12/31/2023 end up looking anything like what you imagined on 01/01/2023? For most people, it did not! For me, I had experiences I couldn’t have imagined or prepared for…I truly had to be open. Although it was not perfect, I am so grateful because in totality it was a year that equally grew me and enriched my life.

The Second Key is: Goal-setting

Goal setting is important because it gives you direction and aim. It improves our mood when we accomplish our goals.

The red flag is when we set RIGID goals. Rigid goals stifles openness, boxes us in, is punitive, and not enjoyable. Rigid goals become the nuns in Catholic school waiting to pop us on the back of the hand with a ruler for breaking a rule or missing a goal. This is NO WAY to start off the year.

Instead, set small, measurable goals. Where you can see where you have come, celebrate the baby steps that got you this far, and therefore be encouraged to continue. 

An example: Let’s say your goal is to get in shape and your method is to do so by increasing your physical activity. You decided you actually want to join a gym instead of working out alone. 

Small Goal: Join a gym you would actually like to go to regularly instead of the cheapest one (unless that’s also the one you like). Now don’t force yourself to go to the gym 6-7days a week. Start off with going 1-2 days a week (this will be more exercise than when you didn’t go to the gym at all).

If you decide to gradually increase it by adding 1 more day a week, then that becomes the next baby step goal. But you can look back and see how far you have come from not exercising at all.

By adding openness to this goal, can look like going for a walk in the park or parking further away from the entrance and taking a few extra steps in the parking lot.

So in 2024, make the vision board and set the goals (maybe we swap out resolutions for goals). 😉 

Let’s set a goal to begin this year with openness and graceful goals and the enjoy the adventure the year holds for us all. Happy New Year! 🎆 

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