Meet the Therapists

Therapy with Luvie

Ms. Luvie

Welcome! I’m Ms. Luvie, a Therapist and Licensed Master Social Worker dedicated to guiding you through life’s challenges. Whether you are the parent of a child grappling with overwhelming emotions or an adult navigating through significant life transitions, I’m here to support you.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey towards self-discovery and growth. Through our collaboration, we’ll develop coping skills, explore mindfulness techniques, and deepen your, or your child’s, understanding of Self. My approach is rooted in fostering a nurturing inner environment that confidently empowers the pursuit of your aspirations.

Taking the first step may feel daunting, but you’re not alone. We’ll craft a personalized roadmap to your goals while cultivating space for more peace, joy, and hope. Let’s begin this journey together.

Working with Me

I offer therapy for children (ages 7 to 14) and adults (ages 21 and older), specializing in stress, anxiety, life transitions, self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills. Come ready to learn and grow, and you will see great success in this process!

Therapy is a collaborative effort in which I help you along your journey. I take a holistic and eclectic approach to therapy, which includes three central practices: Strengths-based, Mindfulness, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

More About - Ms. Luvie

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Master of Social Work. I have worked in academia, for healthcare systems, and non-profits. Stemming from my clinical experience and education, I am a culturally sensitive therapist.

Because of the nature and depth of our work, I prioritize creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore, heal, and grow.

I also extend my services to include executive coaching, coaching groups, and interactive workshops on removing barriers to children’s and teen achievement, child cognitive and social-emotional development, and women’s health and wellness.

Additionally, through a coaching collective called “Help for the Healers,” I provide support and guidance to professionals in the helping professions, empowering them to prioritize self-care, manage burnout, and cultivate resilience in their demanding roles.

I enjoy providing practical tools and insights for personal and collective growth. By sharing evidence-based strategies and fostering meaningful dialogue, I aim to inspire and motivate audiences to create positive change in their lives and relationships.