Post Labor Day Survival Guide

Labor Day

What’s the deal with Labor Day? We perceive Labor Day with mixed feelings. We either look to it in celebration or as a wakeup call to back to reality.


If you have school-aged children, Labor Day signaled your last summer holiday to squeeze in a little more fun. For other, it was time for one last barbecue with friends before life got busy again. Everyone was in a great mood!


To some, Labor Day signified the end of Summer. The end of the sleeping in late, vacation, and travel. Even if you didn’t travel, you enjoyed the benefits of little to no commuter traffic. However, now it’s back to school, back to work, back to the old routine…time to be responsible. Yuck.


Labor Day doesn’t have to be the sad end to Summer as you may have heard in almost every commercial during their “End of Summer Sale” promotion. Labor Day can mark the beginning of your next chapter.

What are the things you would like to accomplish in this new season? If you’re a parent, now that the kids will be back to their routine, you get a break from entertaining them. What is something you have been meaning to do for yourself?

Let this new season mark the beginning of your self-care journey. You may be thinking…self-care??? That sounds so selfish! Actually it’s more therapeutic than you may realize.

Self-care is simply taking some time to give yourself what you so easily give to others. In doing so, you are able to show up for others with more energy and attentiveness. Why? Because you took some time to take care of yourself.

Fall Self-Care Tips

Fall will be here soon, which means the leaves will begin to changing shortly and football season is about to start.

  1. You can take a day trip to the mountains to see the beautiful Fall color of the leaves. Grab a handful of leaves, toss them in the air, and capture some fun pictures.
  2. If the mountains are not your thing, but you LOVE sports, then head to the football stadium and cheer on your home team.
  3. Apples anyone? Sure you can grab a bag at your local grocery store, but why not have a little fun? The apple orchards are now open and taking visitors. It’s a great time to visit your local orchard and pick some fresh, crisp apples.
  4. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, then let a little of the outdoors in. The bugs will soon be gone, so you can open the windows and enjoy the cool crisp air. Grab some apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice air fresheners and place them around your home. Every time you walk in a room, you have the Fall scents to greet you (without having to bake anything…YES).
  5. Plan to visit your local Fall Festival.
  6. Enjoy a weekend at a log cabin.
  7. Fall is a great time to take in some of your favorite Fall treats guilt-free.

Take some self-care time to plan to enjoy the cool weather outdoors. It can reduce stress, improve mood, promote physical health, and increase energy. So Labor Day doesn’t have to be the end of fun times, vacations, barbecues, or easy commutes. Make this Fall, the time you decided to try something new to begin the journey to a better you!

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