Rates & Payment

Rates and Payment

Over the years, we have had clients who decided to work with us even though they paid another therapist $40 for a session, but hated the experience. Although they found the session affordable, they were not happy with the experience.

While other clients that we have worked with have paid up to other therapists $500 for a session and felt the session was worth every dime – because they received the emotional healing they were looking for.

As you make the decision if a therapist is a right fit for you, remember that you are making an investment in your long-term healing of your emotional health.



Individual Sessions: 50 minutes:

Ms. Luvie: $150

Dr. Jumie: $225

PreMarital Intensive Package: $1025



For Consultations – the No Show Fee is: $25

For Sessions – the No Show/Late Cancellation Fee is: the Full Session Fee

*Note: Cancellation of a session requires a minimum of 24-hour notice. 


Better Life Counseling is exclusively a private pay practice. The following forms of payment are accepted:

Major credit cards

Debit cards