Stress Counseling

Stress Counseling

Good stress is what give you drive to complete a task or goal. Bad stress lead to health issues and interrupts your daily life. Stress counseling equips you with the tools to identify the difference and develop a strategy for success. Dealing with stress or not having balance can sound like this…

“I feel overwhelmed in every area of my life. I have no appetite, I can’t sleep, my hair is falling out, and I feel like my heart is always racing. I have seen several doctors and specialists and they all can’t find anything medically wrong with me. They keep telling me that I may be experiencing high levels of stress. If it is stress, how do I get control of it? I can’t continue like this.”

Stress can feel isolating. High achieving people who are professionally successful sometimes feel like stress is a sign of weakness not to be discussed. 

Most individuals have tried to find a solution on their own to overcome the stress they are feeling. Some have tried meditation, yoga, massages, and acupuncture. But they find it’s a temporary solution.

I work with individuals to get to the root of their stress.

In doing so, we eliminate the symptoms. Thereby allowing my clients to enjoy exercise, massages, or mediation for pleasure.

Let’s get you started on a healthier path.

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