Ife Duduyemi

Meet Luvie

Licensed Master Social Worker 

Hello there! My name is Ms. Luvie (pronounced Luh-VEE), and I am going to help you love
you better.

As a Psychotherapist and Licensed Master Social Worker, I work with clients who struggle
to manage demands in their personal and professional lives while trying to take care of

The mind is mighty. It can be a positive environment that drives your wildest
dreams to a reality. Or it can prolong racing thoughts, perpetuate negative self-talk, and foster a desire to please everyone else while neglecting self. 

I can help you take back ownership of your mind and create the joyful mindset you desire. I will help you develop an outlook on life that supports your vision and propels your relationships. 

Work With Me

Did you know that the longest and most important relationship you’ll ever have with someone is the one you have with yourself? It’s from our inner being that we outpour to others. The lens through which you view yourself is how you treat others and, therefore, how they treat you. Knowing and genuinely loving oneself informs you of your standards, boundaries, and risk-taking.

As a licensed clinician, I am educated and trained to help you discover the why behind your thoughts and actions. We will explore experiences from your formative years and narratives from the past that influence your present and shape your future. Due to the magnitude of the work we will be doing, I purposely create a safe and nonjudgmental environment in which you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable.

My communication style is direct and honest while empathetic and warm. Therapy is a collaborative effort in which I help you along your journey. I take a holistic and eclectic approach to therapy; yet, my therapeutic framework includes Strengths-Based practice, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy, and Solution-Focused Brief therapy.

Here's More About Me - Luvie Duduyemi

I have been in the helping field for the past six years in the university system, hospital setting, and the nonprofit world. I have my Master of Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Therefore, my extensive clinical experience and education have afforded me the unique opportunity to work with diverse clients of all backgrounds and become a culturally sensitive and culturally responsive therapist.

The most successful clients are committed to doing the work of therapy, intentional throughout the therapeutic process, and celebrate their wins along their journey. They are vulnerable and transparent with shortcomings because they know they are in a safe space to discover new solutions. My clients leave our sessions feeling better equipped to face life challenges and empowered to claim their victory.

We will work on dismantling chronic stress cycles, developing interpersonal relationship strategies, learning mindfulness and relaxation techniques, owning your power, and becoming a better you to yourself and others.

Furthermore, I identify as a faith-forward therapist, specifically of the Christian faith. Therapy and theology go hand in hand. Often, I find that many of life’s stressors among the years of clients I’ve worked with come from our upbringings and theological framework. With this being said, it is unethical for any clinician to impose religious beliefs on clients. Therefore, if you desire to discuss faith in our sessions, you are more than welcome to lead the discussion.

Now, I’m ready when you are. Let’s begin.