Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

After being married for some years the honeymoon sparks may fade into the backdrop of responsibilities.  Responsibilities such as paying the billing, the stressors of work, or raising a family.  The things you once did at the beginning of your relationship, you find that you no longer make the time for.

Jumie Duduyemi works with couples, who love one another and want to make their marriage work.  They are seeking marriage counseling because they BOTH want the relationship.  (Note: I am not the ideal therapist for couples seeking therapy because this is the last step before seeking a divorce.)

The couples that find success in working with me are seeking tools to be able to grow their relationship while balancing their responsibilities.  They believe their marriage can be healthy, romantic, and happy they just need new tools to get there.

*Note: Marriage Counseling is a self-pay service and not covered by insurance.

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